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About Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank, also known as Fidelity Bank Plc., Is a commercial bank in Nigeria. It is licensed as a commercial bank with international authorization, by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the central bank, and the National Banking Regulator.


The User Interface of the Fidelity bank Mobile App is poor, Absence of accessibility, and overall, bad user experience.

Coupled with the technical issues, users find it difficult to access some features which they believed should be available, this is because these features are not designed in the App.


The redesign process also involved extensive user testing to ensure that the app met the needs and expectations of customers. The team conducted user research and tested the app with
real users to identify and address any issues that arose.

I also went through the reviews of the App on the App Store, I selected the user problems that could
be fixed through the improvement of the App interface.

Here are some of the feedback I gathered from the research:

  1. Rebescosco: “...I will like them to improve on the app by providing transaction history to help see details of the recent past transactions at a glance.”

  2. Arinze Onuora: “They should make the app more accessible for everyone. And rearrange some buttons.”

  3. Emmanuel Anthony: “Up to-date and more detailed Analytics customer feature where I can see charts and analysis of my spending.”

  4. Dr. Koko 1: “...I wish transaction receipt of an old transaction can be regenerated for sharing.”

  5. Arinze Onuora: “...The UI is so bad. App no get swag at all. And I hate the home screen so much”.

Solution & Objectives

The redesign focused on improving the app's usability, accessibility, and overall aesthetic appeal. The team incorporated features such as fingerprint authentication, a user-friendly interface, and a simplified navigation system to make the app more user-friendly. Some of the Approaches used were:

  • Redesign the App to be aesthetically pleasing and accessible and improve user experience

  • Design a feature that helps users to check transactions done in a certain period of time

  • Design a feature that allows users to generate receipts of previous transactions

  • Design a feature that allows users to see charts and analyses of their spending

High Fidelity Designs


Home Screen:

  1. Introduced the card to display the details of the user’s account. I also added a button to either hide or show balance. The card can be swiped to see other accounts held by the user in the bank.

  2. Redesigned a new look for the Notification Button

  3. For easy accessibility, I displayed the Quick action button on the home screen. I added an edit button that helps the user move each button to the position that works best for him/her.

  4. Introduced a Navigation bar to the app to allow users to access important sections of the app.


Account Screen

  1. Used the card for the account section. But with more details (Cleared Balance).

  2. Name and Photo of the user

  3. Redesigned this section of the account screen to fit with the new design.


History Screen

  1. This drop-down allows users to see transaction history made within a certain period of time

  2. Moved the analytics button to the history screen.

  3. Maintained the format of the history screen, only making it fit the new design.


Generated Transaction Receipt

  1. When any transaction is clicked, a receipt is generated. After the receipt is generated, the user can Save it to his/her phone.

  2. Button to close the transaction receipt

  3. After the receipt is generated, users can share it on social media platforms.


Analytics Screen

  1. This drop-down allows users to see analytics within a certain period of time

  2. This drop-down allows users see view the details of their expenses based on the lowest spent and other choices

  3. Users can choose to view the analytics in either a line graph or any other representation.

  4. Redesigned the line graph

Bill Payment Screen

  1. Added this card that displays the account to be billed and the balanced.

Airtime/Data Recharge

  1. Users can easily select the network to be recharged.

  2. Users can easily select the amount to be recharged.

  3. Users can easily select what they want to do, either airtime/data top-up.

  4. Button to quickly save a new beneficiary.

  5. Input amount to be recharged manually

  6. CTA Button

Low Fidelity Designs


Existing Mobile App Design



As a result of the redesign, the Fidelity Bank mobile banking app will experience a significant increase in usage, with more customers accessing banking services through the app. The new design also received positive feedback from customers, who appreciated the app's improved functionality and ease of use during user testing.

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