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Superteam Security, originally created by 0xDeep and Prastut, is a collection of case studies of Solana protocol hacks. It demonstrates popular hacks through explainers and CTFs (i.e. practical walkthroughs) that the users can participate in, and intimately understand security vulnerabilities. The Superteam Security contains well-researched content, although the website’s UI/UX is fairly utilitarian.


  • Superteam needs UI/UX designers to redesign the website. Some pointers:

  • How can you redesign to make the website more engaging?

  • How can we emphasize the CTFs better?

  • What can be done to better indicate the website’s purpose and content?


I conducted a thorough UI/UX redesign for Superteam Security. Some of the gaps discovered in the existing website are:

  • Lack of pictures/Illustrations to foster an aesthetically pleasing User interface

  • Confusing Navigation Bar

  • Absence of Hero section

  • Inappropriate Design and explanation of sections

  • Absence of interactions/animations

  • Absence of footer

  • Presentation of the CTFs, Hacks, and Guides in a vague manner

  • Unappealing User interface

  • Lack of page description


  • Using picture, illustrations, and other UI elements to achieve an aesthetically pleasing UI

  • Improved design for Navigation Bar

  • Design of Hero section that clearly describes the purpose of the website

  • Proper Design and explanation of sections

  • Use of subtle interactions/animations

  • Design of footer

  • Presentation of the CTFs, Hacks, and Guides in a clear manner

  • Improved and consistent User interface across all pages of the website

  • Design of page description section



By creating an engaging website, users are more likely to remain on the site for longer periods, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions. By emphasizing the CTFs sections, users are more likely to participate in and enjoy the website's offerings. By clearly stating the website's purpose, users can better understand the website's focus and benefits, which can lead to increased user retention and referral rates.

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